Boost Feature/BenefitDescription

Temporary Stat Increases

Boosts can provide temporary increases to the player's abilities, such as increased speed, jump height, or attack power, allowing players to overcome difficult obstacles or enemies.

Time Limitations

Boosts are usually limited in duration, requiring players to use them strategically to maximize their benefits.

In-Game Currency

Boosts can be purchased with in-game currency, providing players with a tangible and worthwhile way to spend their currency.

Real Money Purchases

Some boosts may be available for purchase with real-world currency, providing players with a way to support the game's development and get an edge in the game.

Unlockable Boosts

Some boosts may be locked and require players to achieve certain milestones or complete certain challenges to unlock them.

Collectible Boosts

Some boosts may be rare or collectible, making them more valuable and sought after.

Combination Boosts

Players may be able to combine multiple boosts to create a unique and powerful boost that provides even greater benefits.

Boost Crafting

Players may be able to craft their own boosts using specific in-game items, giving them greater control over their gameplay experience.

Note that the specifics of the boosts system can vary depending on the game and the developer's choices. Additionally, the boosts system can be used to enhance the game's replayability, as players may need to replay levels with different combinations of boosts to achieve the best results.

Capy Pals is currently under development, so the content of the technical documentation may change in the future.

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