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Energy SystemDescription

Energy Points

Each player starts with a certain amount of energy points (e.g. 100 points) that are consumed with each action taken in the game.

Energy Regeneration

Energy points regenerate at a rate of 1 point per 2 minutes.

Energy Boosts

Players can use energy boosts to restore their energy points faster. Energy boosts can be earned through completing certain objectives, purchased with in-game currency, or obtained through other means. Boosts could either restore energy points instantly or increase the rate of energy regeneration for a set period of time.

Maximum Energy

The maximum amount of energy a player can have could be determined by their level or other factors in the game. For example, a player might start with 100 energy points, but as they level up, the maximum amount of energy they can have could increase to 150 or more.

Note that the numbers in the table above are just an example, and the actual energy system in the game could be designed differently based on the needs and goals of the game.

Capy Pals is currently under development, so the content of the technical documentation may change in the future.

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